The crazy bet of an architect and a winegrower.


Drawing: Matthieu Chauvin, architect : Simon Bécaud

Area 21 m2 for 19 windows.
Fusing laminated on stadip total thickness 20 mm.

During the development of the Oeunosensorial Space of the Castle of Pizay which is the selling space of the winery, it soon became clear that the lift, which is essential to make the place accessible to people with reduced mobility, would be a major challenge in structuring space.
Placed in the center of the room, it had to be a strong element of the decoration.
Our workshop was contacted to make the elevator an artwork... or more modestly a beautiful decorative object.
After several proposals, Pascal Dufaître, the manager of the estate, chose a stained glass window in fusing evoking stocks of bottles stacked in the Chaix. Glass discs in a range of 10 shades are all enhanced with a touch of frosted brush to give them a relief effect. The stained-glass windows were laminated in the workshop mari & femme on the original glasses of the elevator. In this way, the decor was secured by remaining compliant with elevator safety standards.

When using the elevator, the impression of colour and movement is striking; it is a prelude to the gaiety of the wine.


We’re ready for a new elevator !

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