Artists'carves :
silk as glass
enhances the colors.

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SILK SCARVES "Les hommes sensibles".

Drawing : Matthieu Chauvin
Digital printing in France

scarves for men and women
sizes and prices :
26,3x26,3 inches, price : 75 € free délivery in European Union.
or 37x37 inches, price : 145 € free délivery in European Union.
Silk twill, rolled.

Each creation of stained glass is preceded by an important work of drawing of which only a part is used. Many sketches remain in the boxes. Hence the idea of give a second life to these interesting artist'drawings, important in the genesis of the stained glass windows by editing silk scarves.


The choice of silk soon became obvious. Indeed, like glass, silk captures light and transmits a shimmer to the color. I find on the fabric nearly the same sensations as against the colored glass or the screens of computers on which the drawings were made. There is, moreover, a long and pleasent tradition of artist scarves.


Silk scarves for women and men
The portraits of this series were made in 2001 on a laptop computer equipped with a graphic tablet. It was quite new! They are sketched portraits of nature during scenes of pose from 30 to 60 minutes. Scarves are printed directly from vector files, so each copy is an original.

During the poses we talk a little. All these people had had difficult lives. I was marked by their sweetness despite the hardships they endured. This series is, in my eyes, a tribute to the sensitive men wounded by life in a world too hard but who did not want to react on the mode of violence.